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Elite Guard Master School for Piexon

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Piexon supplies customers worldwide with first-class non-lethal Piexon products. As an independent and certified Master School for Piexon since 2016, Elite Guard GmbH is the first point of contact for private and governmental emergency services who want professionally delivered practical and theoretical training to certify their staff and trainers in the handling of Piexon products.

After this course, participants will be able to use Piexon products for professionals in the correct tactical manner, and they will be instructed in self-defense law in order to correctly assess situations.

For cases where a Piexon product is used, participants learn the proper care and protection of contaminated persons. They will also learn how to properly care for the Piexon products and be provided with information about the active ingredient which makes Piexon products so efficient. The course will leave no questions unanswered, so that participants can carry their Piexon products with confidence.

In addition, after the initial course, participants can train to become Piexon product instructors so they can independently train employees and give refresher courses in the future.

Piexon Masterschool JPX2 Protector

Target market

Private security companies and government agencies who want to equip themselves with Piexon products such as JPX2 / JP4 / JPX6 or other Pixon products.


  • Participants must be at least 18 years old
  • Knowledge of German or English
  • An interpreter can be used for all other languages

Training on the following Piexon products

  • JPX2 / JPX4 / JPX 6
  • Guardian Angel 3
  • New Piexon products
Piexon Masterschool JPX4 Defender

Costs and duration

Training in Switzerland

  • CHF 1'300,-
  • 1 training day up to 30 participants
  • Training documents, performance test and proof of performance (included)
Training worldwide
  • CHF 1'600,-, plus travel, meals, and accommodation for the instructors
  • 1 training day up to 30 participants
  • Training documents, performance test, and proof of performance (included)

An educational card (in credit card format) can be issued for CHF 10.-.

Piexon Masterschool JPX4 Defender

Course contents

  • Legal basis
  • Safety guidelines for handling Piexon devices
  • Product and material knowledge of Piexon devices
  • Operation and troubleshooting of Piexon devices
  • First aid in the event of contamination
  • Practical exercises
  • Discussion of experiences
  • Written final test
Piexon Masterschool Chili Pepper

Booking procedure

  • Booking is possible online, or
  • Contact us by phone (+41 41 780 85 85) or e-mail (info@elite-guard.ch)
  • You will receive a free written offer
  • You place an order with us
  • We will then provide a written confirmation of your order
Piexon Masterschool JPX4 Defender
Piexon Masterschool JPX2 Protector

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Elite Guard Piexon Masterschool

The JPX from Piexon AG offers an innovative and unique pepper spray device. It is unique, easy to use, and patented for its handling and effect.

Elite Guard as a certified Piexon Master School can ensure that your employees will be trained to react correctly with a JPX Piexon even in challenging situations. For example, anyone wishing to defend themselves or another person in the event of an illegal attack must respond with proportional force. But what is proportionality and at what point do we no longer speak of proportionality? What are the legal consequences if proportionality is violated in a self-defense situation? These and similar questions are dealt with in the context of self-defense law and form the basis for the correct use of a JPX in a difficult circumstances.

Piexon's patented pepper guns, be it the JPX or the Guardian Angel, guarantee the safety of their employees, but only when the devices are used correctly. The Piexon devices use oleoresin capsicum (OC), an extract from the cayenne pepper plant. This powerful irritant is used by authorities and security services around the world. However, without the right tactics in an emergency situation, an opponent could use the JPX or any other self-protection device that you carry against you. In training courses by our instructors, you will learn how the JPX is used correctly and how a person who has been hit by spray from a JPX Piexon should be cared for.

If you want to become an instructor for Piexon devices yourself, you will learn more background knowledge in the Piexon instructor course and how you can correctly communicate the learning objectives to new employees or other interested parties. The instructor course is designed for all interested parties who contribute to the success of Piexon and want to ensure that new employees can build on the same skills in their work as long-established employees.

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